Hickok I-177-B Restoration and Calibration #3

This Hickok I-177-B tube tester was found in Italy and has a broken loctal socket. So beside the usual maintenance and calibration the tube socket has to be replaced as well.

hickok i-177-b

Hickok Tube Tester I-177-B with Serial No. 7288

hicok i-177-b

The case is scratched and slightly rusted, time for a sandblast and a new paint.

hickok i-177 restored refurbished calibrated

Hickok TV-7 B/U Restoration and Calibration #1

This Hickok TV-7 B/U was found in Switserland. The booklet, tube sockets, cables and tube pin straightener are missing.

hickok tv7 bu #1

 Hickok TV-7 B/U

hickok tv7 bu caseThe case did his job very well, it will be sandblasted and since it is made of aluminum we will give it a epoxy coating before painting.

Hickok I-177-B Restoration and Calibration #2

This Hickok I-177-B made by Signal Corps was found in Germany.

hickok i 177 b 2 open

Hickok Tube Tester I-177-B with Serial No. 2361

The power cable is a two wire and the plug is missing, for safety reasons I will replace it with a 3-prong. The glass of the fuse lamp #81 has a blue color and should be replaced to be sure it will do it’s job if needed. For the rest it is in pritty good shape, but it will need some cleaning and calibration.

hickok i 177 b 2The case is partially repainted and has some rust, it will be sandblasted before painting.

Hickok TV-7/U Restoration and Calibration #1

This Hickok TV-7/U seems to be in pritty good shape, as with all vintage tube testers it need a complete checkup and calibration.

hickok tv-7 u

Hickok TV-7/U

A thorough cleaning, three wire power cable and most likely some component replacement during calibration.

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Hickok I-177-B Restoration and Calibration #1

This Hickok I-177-B made by Signal Corps was found in a garage, obviously not used for some time. The case is rusty and the power cable lost it’s flexibility, the isolation is already broken at several places.

hickok i-177-b

Hickok Tube Tester I-177-B with Serial No. 2781

It is recommended to remove the tester from the case and examine the state of all components. Then replace the power cable with a three wire version (connect the ground cable to the front plate) and use a variac to slowly power on the unit.

hickok i-177-b sandblasted

To protect the case from further rusting it was sandblasted, and sprayed with a basic primer.

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Beck Elektroakustik RM 1

The RM 1 made by Beck Elektroakustik is a Vacuum Tube Tester easy to handle, in it’s construction almost unique, which enables a fast, simple and precise plate current measurement of the most common double triodes 6SL7, ECC81, ECC82, ECC83 and power pentodes EL34, KT66, KT88, 6550, 6L6, 5881, 6V6, and EL84. It captivates by a stressed classical outfit, primarily consisting of a solid beech wood cabinet and a surface of anodized aluminium. Because of its small dimensions it is easily transported and it doesn’t need a lot of space for accommodation.

beck elektroakustik rm1

Beck Elektroakustik
Thueringer Str. 8
DE-97702 Muennerstadt – Germany

Hickok TV-7 D/U Restoration and Calibration #1

This Hickok TV-7 D/U tube tester was taking dust untill I had time to restore it. Although the top cover was missing, it is in good condition. As a start I replaced the power cable and cleaned the front plate including all the knobs and sockets.

hickok tv7du restoration calibration

Hickok TV-7 D/U with serial no. 365

Replaced components:

R102, R103 and R104 (47Ω/1Watt (5%)) – These Carbon resistors are located on the Grid, Plate and Screen rotary switches. Since it is very tight around the switches gently cut them loose and leave enough wire in place to connect the replacement.

hickok tv7du resistors

C102 (0.1µF/600Volt) – replaced with 100nF/600Volt WIMA MKP capacitor.

hickok tv7du c102

C103 (100uF/15Volt) – replaced with Philips 100uF/50Volts electrolytic capacitor.

hickok tv7du c103

CR101 (Copper Oxid) – replaced with two 1N4007.

hickok tv7du cr101

Power cable:
The original two wire power cable was replaced with a more secure three wire version. (connect the ground wire to the front plate)

hickok tv7du power cable

Cleaned components:
All contacts of the rotary switches and tube sockets should be cleaned. It is also recommended to take apart R127 (2x 150Ω/15Watt) in order to clean and lubricate it (vaseline).

hickok tv7d shunt resistor

A complete calibration of the Hickok TV-7 D/U was done following the original instructions step by step. It will cost some time and effort but it will pay off. I did a final check with a set of calibration tubes from Jac Music, the result was perfect!

hickok tv7du restored

Hickok TV-7 D/U completely restored and calibrated

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Tube IMP mini TT

I finally contacted British Audio Products to order a Tube IMP – mini TT. Something that was on my mind for a long time. It was offered to me for £299.00 GBP + £18.00 GBP shipping and £50.00 GBP tubes for free!

A bit later then expected it arrived yesterday. The tester and power adapter are protected in a solid case.

To be continued..